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asked February 16th 2021

Mrs Jones carrot cake without nuts

I'm wanting ro make this cake, but leave out the nuts. Will it affect the results of the cake?


Hi Tomandhen123

You can just leave the nuts out. It doesn’t really change the recipe that much. You will lose the crunch texture and the extra layer of taste from the nuts.

If you like, add a little extra carrot or some dried fruit. Hope this helps 🙂


Thank you for your help. I will probably add some extra fruit. I've made the cake before with nuts and its delicious! Just making it for someone who doesn't like nuts. x


How long roughly would Nancy’s carrot cake take to cook in a 10” square tin please


Hi CakesbySue

It will take two hours or maybe more. Because a 10" square cake has a larger surface area and depth, certain precautions need to be taken to prevent it from burning. Reducing the oven temperature down to approx 150c fan and double lining the corners will help reduce that happening.

The best thing to do with a rescaled recipe is to babysit the cake until done. Each oven is different, some are more fierce than others which can affect certain cake bake times. You will know how your own oven bakes.

Your eyes and nose will be your best friend to estimate the done time. Check the cake around the two-hour mark by inserting a wooden skewer into its middle. If the crumbs come out wet, bake on and check at five or ten-minute intervals until done. This is just a guesstimate so please take this timing as a guide rather than a given. Your feedback will help other members who may need to ask a similar question.

Hope this helps 🙂