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asked June 23rd 2018

Mrs jones Tutorial.

Hi team,
I am having problems trying to view Mrs Jones vanilla cake recipe tutorial, I can access all the others.
Regards Sandra.


Hi Sandra

I've just had a look at the tutorial and it works when I click on the start then stop and then start again. The auto start doesn't seem to be working. Try that and if you still can't get it to work email customer service directly on [email protected] and let them know exactly the problem which you are experiencing.

Hope this helps. Please let me if you can get it going. 🙂

Edit: You can also use this contact form https://www.cakeflix.com/contact-us


Hi madeitwithlove,
Thankyou, I have it working now, probably me not being clued upon technology.
Best wishes, Sandra.


Oh thanks Sandra for getting back to me. How did you get it working? or did you contact customer service?



Well I really don't know, think I have lost the plot, at one point I was looking for more numbers along the bottom of the tutorial but the tutorial only has 1 chapter on how to make the whole cake - if that makes sense. I kept going to the end of the intro but it was not continuing on how to actually make the cake.
all good now, but it is great to have the support. I am totally addicted to Paul Bradford'ssugarcraft school, best thing since sliced bread.

Best wishes.

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