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asked January 18th 2019

Mrs Jones’ vanilla sponge

Hi there, I want to bake Mrs Jones' Vanilla sponge but need to do 2 x 6" cakes instead of the 10" recipe. I have used the recipe converter but is the conversion for 2 deep 6" cakes and if so how long approx would the baking time be? I have searched through the Q&As and also googled it but the information on google is conflicting so I am confused. I could really do with your help here.....Just an approximate baking time would be most welcome as I appreciate that everyone's oven is different. Many thanks. xxx


Hi Trace

Mrs Jones' recipe is loaded in the calculator for the 2 x 10" cake pans which are 3" deep. Any conversion would take that into consideration. The 6" recipe will also have to be divided between two pans. To simplify the ingredients use 198 gms of sugar, margarine and self raising flour, 4 eggs and 5ml or to taste vanilla extract. Bake at the given temperature for approximately 35 minutes or until done. Let your eyes and nose be your best friend! 🙂

For stacking purposes, Mrs Jones recommends to increase just the flour by an additional 10%. This will strengthen the structure of the cake suffciently to take the weight of fondant. If you do increase the flour it might affect the baking time by a few minutes, just keep an eye on the doneness. Test the cakes with a wooden skewer rather than a metal one as wood is a better indicator. Hope this helps 🙂