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asked September 17th 2019

Naked cake pricing

Hi been asked to make a friend a 3 tire naked cake each cake 4 layers deep rose gold drip and rose,Eucalyptus, hydrangea, and berry staggered sprays in sugar usually follow Paul's chart how do you price never done a naked wedding cake before and any advice for stopping it dry out please xx


Hi Tracey Sheppard

I'm not sure which chart of Paul's you are following. However, David has several tutorials on pricing. To see links to the tutorials, please see here:

Pricing cakes

The tutorials cover all aspects of pricing and a must-read/view to it get it right.

Take a peek here for advice on preventing the cake from becoming dry:

Naked cakes

To see many more answers, type in the search box in the top right of this page 'naked cakes'. Click on relevant answers for tips.

Hope suggestions help. Please post back if you need further information. 🙂