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asked April 26th 2019


hello can you help me please i am planning to make a 4
tier wedding cake a 6"and a 8" and a 10" and a 12" pauls firm chocolate
cake which will all be 4 inches deep cake mix divided into 2x 2" cake tins
for each tier i have recalculated all the ingredients but it doesn't give
you the timings for different size cakes it only states 2hours for a
10"square or a 10"+a 6" round can you please send me the timings for the
above sizes cakes please , id be very much appreciated


Hi Nancy

It would be difficult to give precise timings as all ovens bake differently and results vary. Cake collapse has been noted by some members. For hints and tips take a peek at the following thread:

‘Paul’s moist chocolate cake’ My feed back

I haven't baked this cake in 2" pans. However, since it rises to approximately 2.5" in 3" tins, I would suggest keeping to Paul's instructions for the 10" and the 6" and 2.5 hrs - 3hrs for the 12" and 8" without opening the oven door until the 2.5 hours is up. If you have a fan oven, the temperature should be reduced to 130c to prevent burning. It may also help to place an empty tray on the rack above to shield the top cake from the heat.

If you're baking this recipe for the first time, it might be best to bake one 2" each round as trials. This will give you a clear idea of timings in your own oven and take out the stress when baking at the time of the big occasion. Cakes can be frozen for up to three months so they won't get wasted.

I always babysit new recipes when baking for the first time and allow my eyes and nose to be my best friend! 🙂

Hope this helps. 🙂