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asked January 29th 2019

Nancy’s Carrot Cake

I made Nancy’s carrot cake it was lovely, going to use it as top tier of a wedding cake, will I be able to fill it with a cream cheese frosting the three tiers will be covered in butter cream. Can you suggest which cream cheese recipe to use look forward to your reply Sue


Thank you yes very helpful will try the white chocolate butter cream


Hi CakesbySue

Unfortunately cream cheese requires refrigeration and therefore not suitable for filling cakes which need to be decorated over a few days, nor can be left out at room temperature for more than two - four hours. Please see here David's recommendations to a similar query:

Cream cheese

I can recommend white chocolate buttercream as filling. It can be flavoured with cream cheese food flavouring. I have a small recipe which can be made in multiples if you'd like to try it:

White chocolate buttercream:

100g melted white chocolate
140g unsalted butter
70g icing sugar2 tea spoons vanilla extract

Cream butter and icing sugar until very white
Add vanilla
Add cooled white chocolate
Add cream cheese flavour if using
Beat until very creamy

This is sufficient to fill and cover and an 8" cake 3" deep.

For the flavouring take a peek here:
or google it by name to see other suppliers.

Hope the suggestion helps.


My apologies, I should also have mentioned that this buttercream is too soft to use under fondant icing as it doesn't crust up. Use stiff buttercream for crumbcoating or white ganache.