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asked July 23rd 2020

natural substitute for red food colouring

hi,i would like to know if there is a natural substitute for red good colouring while baking red velvet,im not too keen to use coloring while baking.


Hi Arunima Jugoo

There are several companies offering natural food dyes. To see suppliers please google search 'natural food dyes'.

PME make natural food dyes, take a peek here for supplies:

Try also The Cake Decorating Company for the same product

There are vegetable-based food colours, which you will discover in google search. Some natural food dyes do not deliver the same vibrancy, although it does depend on what it is being used for. I use beetroot powder for red velvet cake. It doesn't give a bright red, the colour darkens to a brownish-red. However, if you mix it first with a little hot water to make a paste, let the colour develop for half an hour before adding to batter or buttercream, it does deepen.

Hope the above suggestions help. 🙂