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asked February 17th 2020

New to the group…

Does anyone use cake templates for drawing designs on. I'm not artist with a pen lol but would like templates, so i can draw ideas for when i have meetings for wedding cakes.

Does anyone do or use this, and where would you get templates from



Hi Alina Evelyn-Gauci

Definitely, lots of people use cake templates to help them achieve artistic designs. Take a peek at the following blog:

.... there's also this:
and this:

For even more, just google cake drawing templates. There are also free cake sketcher apps and some sophisticated programmes too. Google search 'cake sketching apps' to see what's available.

Hope some of the suggestions help you with your needs. I use a lightbox for the little bits I do. For information peek here:


🙂 and a big welcome to Cakeflix 🙂