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asked January 15th 2020

nut free cupcakes

Been asked to do some cut free cupcakes but am a bit wary and worried at the same time. know that traces of nut can be in many thinks so am a bit worried about making them. Any recipes or suggestions??


Hi elaine77

Personally, I would not bake for nut allergy. Unless you can guarantee that your kitchen is totally free of any nut products, it is not a risk worth taking., we are talking about somebody's life. If your kitchen is not nut-free or, if you do not have designated area in your kitchen which is allergen-free, you should decline. Some people are mildly affected, others, frighteningly, suffer fatal effects from even a whiff of nuts.

My best opinion would be first to google the Food Standards agency for advice on baking for nut allergy. Secondly, it would be worth discussing how severe the allergy is with the client.

I'm sure the client would be grateful for your advice to use a baker who is qualified to bake for allergies.

Please come back if you require more information. I hope my answer has been of help to you. 🙂