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asked January 25th 2021

Packaging a cake shoe for delivery

Wondering if any you lovely gum paste artists out there can enlighten me as to packaging a high heel gum paste shoe for delivery by Royal Mail or a courier.


Hi Murphy

I have never sent anything by courier or through the post. However, there are hundreds of cake makers and model makers who successfully use courier services to transport items.

The thing best to remember is, use correct materials and box in which to convey a fragile object. A high heel shoe has lots of nooks and crannies which need protecting. Fill all those areas up with either sponge or bubble wrap and choose a rigid box that is a good fit for the shoe. It mustn't be tight nor too loose. Choose appropriate wrapping materials such as bubble wrap and infill with other packing materials. The following link provides all the relevant advice on sealing and packing materials and, which types of boxes to choose:


You could also take advice by email or telephone from your local main post office or a reputable courier service.

Hopefully, other voices will chime in with useful tips. 🙂