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asked July 14th 2020

PME cake glaze

First time in using this product!!
I used it sparingly, but I got a cover over my stone work tops , any tips how to get this off , Iam gutted only just had a new kitchen , I used it because I was using Paul’s horse cake tutorial ,
Hope any one can help


Hi Tay Evans

It will come off eventually but it’s a devil!

Have a word with your kitchen supplier for more appropriate advice for the type of worktop. They may have remedy for removing shellac.
Did you get a care kit with the tops? and have you tried using it on the glaze.? I don’t want to give you advice which might negate your warranty.

If you have access to Robert Haynes tutorials on the site, I think he advises how to remove glaze from paint brushes. The solution he uses will remove it.
I’d give you the link but I don’t know why my phone isn’t letting me set it. Go to ‘our tutors’ and click on Robert’s picture. However, I really do think you should ask the kitchen supplier.

When I had my granite worktops, I used isopropyl alcohol but I wouldn’t do it on my slabtec.

Please let me know how you get on and hope the above suggestions help. 🙂