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asked March 5th 2018

Portion guide for carved cake

Hi All
I have been asked to make a motorbike fuel tank, to feed 30 people.
just wondered how I would go about working out how big? and how you would workout pricing for a carved cake?
Any help would be great xx


Paul would probably use an 8"x10" or 10" square cake to get the 30 (2"x1") portions after carving .

In terms of pricing , work out your ingredient costs which should be a minimum of 30% of what you charge for the overal cake with overheads and your pay making up the 3x 30%s leaving 10% for profit/tax.


Hi David thank you for your reply.
so 1 x 10" square would be enough? Also sorry what depth of cake?

many thanks Sarah


Hi Sazzle1974

You'll find the portions calculator here: https://www.cakeflix.com/cake-calculators

As to how to work out how big a cake you need depends on how big a piece of cake you would like to serve. The portions guide will tell you the yield from an uncarved cake. I would think around a 10" or 12" square cake would do it to give generous portions or 8" square for finger portions. Download an image from google and divide it up to give estimate guide. Pricing depends on your own skills and how quick you are.
See David's free tutorial here:
and definitely here: https://www.cakeflix.com/cakelife/confidence-in-pricing-cakes/
.... scroll down to the picture of the teddy and read the instructions which says solutions.
This is the proper way of pricing but you can adjust according to your skills and geographics.

Let me know if this helps or if you'd like more information. 🙂

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