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asked May 22nd 2020

Portuguese custard tarts

Hi, Has anyone the recipe for e Portuguese custard tarts I saw on one of the early 'caking around the world' Facebook ?


Hi Sue

Yes, there is a recipe by the lovely Dot Klerck on Cakeflix live tv. However, viewing is for Premium and Pro membership. If you are a premium member here is the link for the video:

Dot Klerck – Caking all over the World

If you are unable to view Dot's recipe, there are several recipes online which show how to make the pastry or buy a ready-made pastry. This looks a good one to try:




You're quite correct, the recipe was originally on Facebook Caking All over the world. However, please take a peek at David's answer in the following link to understand why live tv is now restricted to paying members:

Caking All Over the World???