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asked January 15th 2018

Posting cupcakes and decorated biscuits

I was wondering if anyone has ever posted decorated cupcakes and biscuits? I am wanting to send cupcakes and biscuits in the post as part of my business,but I am unsure as to whether this is possible? If so what boxes and packaging can you use in order for the cupcakes and biscuits to survive the post!
Many Thanks x


Hi helenacampbell

From my personal experience, I have found most couriers, including Royal mail, will not transport food stuffs. The problem being, parcels tend to hang around in distribution centres sometimes for days in which time, delicate perishable foods would deteriorate. They could also protentially be lumped together with all sorts of undesirable products. Unless you can find a good food courier, I wouldn't recommend sending through these channels. There are a number of couriers who use refrigerated vans distributing food throughout the UK. Have a look at someone like http://www.pdqcoldcall.co.uk/
or better still look for food couriers in google search for a company near you who deliver nation wide.


Most of these companies have free phone numbers, give them a call to see whether they can help. I should think they will advise on the type of packaging to use. However, using good strong corrugated type boxes would be the strongest type to use. Search for extra strong cake and cupcake boxes, a lot of cake decorating companies tend to supply them. Wrapping delicate biscuits in bubble wrap of other forms of packaging will help to reduce the risk of breakages. Hope some of these suggestions help. Please come back if you need help searching for packaging.


Ah I knew madeitwithlove would have the answer! Many thanks xx


I hope you find a suitable courier. If you do, your feedback will be most gratefully received 🙂

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