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asked March 3rd 2018

purple colouring for fondant

Hi, I'm making a geode wedding cake with clear, pale purple and dark purple isomalt crystals. The colours for the crystals are lovely, but am really struggling to get any level of pretty purple for the marbled fondant cake covering. I've tried Wilton violet , Americolor gel violet and QFC liquid purple. Test pieces of fondant either dry blue or grey. Any ideas for UK-available product? Many thanks!



Try: https://www.thecakedecoratingcompany.co.uk/colours-flavours-c46/colourings-c47/rainbow-dust-purple-professional-gel-colouring-p3075

For other suppliers, google the product by name . 🙂

edit: also this is very good too: https://www.craftcompany.co.uk/colour-splash-food-colouring-gel-set-mermaid.html


Thank you! Realised I have a stash of pro gel colours, so have just tried their purple - much redder than the others I tried. I will see how it looks when dry. Thanks again!


Hope it works out as you would like it 🙂

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