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asked October 3rd 2020

Quickest drying method for sugar/gumpaste flowers?

Hi everyone!

I used to make cakes in a very hot and humid area, so I always "dried" my handmade sugar flowers in an air-conditioned room for several days before I could fully assemble them. I recently moved to a new area with a much cooler climate.

I'd like to ask for your input if you guys know of the quickest way to have sugar flowers set and dry? Do those dehumidifying machines from Lowes or Home Depot work? Or do you know of any other gadgets or ways to quickly dry them?

Thanks for any help!


HI Shaira Marin

Some people do use dehydrators and love them. However, if you don't have one, try the lowest setting heat of your oven, overnight. It's best to place flowers and other pieces on parchment paper rather than a silicone mat which will sweat. If you don't feel happy about leaving the oven on all night, try just the oven light which will also give off sufficient heat to help air off the humidity in the paste. My personal preference is leaving pieces on parchment paper under an anglepoise table lamp. I know some folks swear by those little sachets of silica gel. The best type is the self indicating one which, once exhausted can be regenerated by heating in the oven.

Take a peek at the following link to get some ideas:


Hope suggestions help. Please post back if you need any more information 🙂


Thank you @madeitwithlove! I appreciate the help. ❤️


Just want to add, that if you use the oven method, wedge the door slightly ajar so the dampness can escape. I turn my pieces as often as possible so all sides dry equally.