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asked June 11th 2019

Quilted Handbag Cake

I love this site.
I'm making the quilted handbag cake and have made David's moist and firm chocolate cake but when the chocolate cake is stacked it only is 6inches tall and does not look rightnot high enough.
Could you please advise how tall the example cake is and how wide it is at the bottom and top. This will allow me to get the scale of the cake right. Many Thanks Paula


Hi Paula

The baked height of Paul's moist and firm chocolate cake is an approximate 2. 5". If you'd like your cake to be taller, the recipe can be scaled using the recipe calculator here:

Cake Calculators

Once the cake is sliced in half and stacked it will be twice the height. Paul has layered four times which gives three filled layers. Each layer looks like it has approximately .25" filling which will raise the cake height to 6.25". The icing will make it look bigger again depending on how thick you roll out. As a guesstimate, it is likely the cake will end up 6.5" tall, which is a realistic size. I own a similar looking bag from Monsoon which is only 5" tall.

Hope this gives you a gauge. 🙂


Thank you so much for your help. I'm still looking at sizes and the bottom of the cake is 10inches and it will still be only 6inches tall it seems out of proportion. When I look at paul's example the layers look much larger than 2.5 inches tall.

If possible Paul could you give sizes and scale out when developing cake projects this would be extreemly useful. I've made your lovely moist chocolate cake but it does not seem tall enough for the job. Have you got the approximate sizes this would be great


Hi Paula

I've done other handbags from the tutorials using Paul's recipe and they have come out well. I know a lot of people do scale the recipe up if they require a deeper cake. I'm sure Paul or David would be happy to give you more definitive answer if you contact them via the contact form here:

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Please mention that you have posted in Q & A so a reply in your original post would be most helpful to other members. Thanks 🙂


Thank you so much for your help it is very thoughtful of you.


Hi Paula, I just wanted to post me emailed reply here for anyone reading this thread in future:

I've just checked in with Paul and the cake was between 2.5" to 3" deep, so stacked would give 5"-6" tall cake.

This can be made taller by adding ganache layers.

Sorry that Paul didn't discuss sizes on this tutorial, which was filmed 4 years ago. Around three years ago he started giving all measurements in detail to help alleviate issues with sizes.

Hope this helps.

kind regards



David, thank you for posting your email answer to Paula here. I really appreciate your confirmation of my answer to Paula.



Thanks to both Madeit with love and David it really helps to know the sizes are now put in as a matter of course. This info will help me very much