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asked April 10th 2021

Red sponge

Hi, I’ve just remembered my customer wants their vanilla sponge red coloured. But I’m thinking, if I add red to the batter, it’ll turn pink. Can anyone advise me how to get it red without adding loads of red food colouring.


Hi maisey

I tend to use Sugarflair Red Extra or Rainbow Dust Progel red. Both these are highly concentrated professional products so only a small amount of colour is required. The instructions on the packaging give a guide for the amounts to be used. Available also are plant-based food dyes as in this link:


There are several bright red cake recipes online. Look out for Liz Marek recipes on Sugar Geek. She demonstrates other ways of adding colour to brighten up the batter. Google her by name to see Liz's recipes.

Hope this helps 🙂