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asked October 29th 2018

Red velvet cake patchy

I always make stacie stewarts red velvet cake its amazing. However this time the cake came out patchy red. Areas darker than others. The batter looked evenly mixed but could it be that i didnt mix enough??? The texture is good...should i throw it away!!


Hi elaine77

I don't make red velvet cake and can't say for definite why this would have happened. My explanation would also be that perhaps the ingredients were not fully incorporated or may be the reaction from the soda bubbles and batter didn't quite mix through thoroughly. I find this happens to me when I incorporate egg whites into chocolate cake batter if I don't get everything to mix in well. If the texture is fine and it tastes good, I don't see any reason why the cake should be thrown out. By the time it's filled the dark patches will hardly be noticeable. It's really your decision whether or not to use it. 🙂