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asked January 21st 2018

Refrigerating cakes

I usually use buttercream to cover and fill my cakes, but now I’m going to try ganache but recipes say to put in the fridge, how does this work on cakes which are then covered in sugar paste and decorated with modelling or flowers as this will make these soft etc


Hi Hayley

When ganache is refrigerated it will set quite hard and will require warming up gently to bring it back to working consistency. Once it is the correct consistency, the proceedure for coating is exactly the same as when using buttercream. Cake is placed in the fridge to allow each coating of ganache to set ready for icing. As long as there is no fresh dairy filling in between the cake layers, the iced cake can sit out at room temperature. The ganache coating will remain firm and will not have any adverse effects on decorations.

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Thanks so much

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