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asked March 11th 2019

Related electric oven

I want to buy a 60 liter Bosch oven and in it only 2 8” pan fit in the middle rack .. how can I increase my production .? I mean how can I bake 4 8” cake in the oven at the same time ?


Hi Maimoona Nain

This is a standard size oven. Two pans can be baked on the upper shelf and two pans on the shelf below. Adjust the middle shelf one notch up and same again for the bottom shelf so that it is not sitting right on the floor of the oven.

Stagger the pans to allow even airflow circulation. Pans must not touch each other or the sides of the oven wall. It may be necessary to also adjust the heat very slightly to prevent the cakes on the top shelf burning.

Keep an eye on the baking and remove the cakes on the top shelf as soon as you feel they are done. Leave the ones on the bottom shelf to bake on a little longer to ensure thorough doneness.

I do this all the time without problems. It just takes a few practice trials to find the correct temperature and timing. Good luck! 🙂