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asked June 25th 2021

removing lustre dust

Hi , I have lustred a cake with faye cahill lustre dust and dipping solution. The colour is too dark for the customer. Can I remove it or do I have to re ice my cake? It is a wedding cake - for tomorrow!! thanks


Hi ruthmac ,

Iā€™m so sorry you have this problem.

You could try brushing it off with the dipping solution. Use exactly the same technique as you did when lustering, only this time just washing with plain solution.

Depending on how long the colour has been on, a problem you may encounter is, the colour may have deepened too much into the icing to dilute. It may need to be washed off several times. This could cause the icing to develop tiny spider cracks, in which case you will have to re-ice the cake to maintain your standards.

Give it a go, I know time is short but it may work first time particularly if you only need to go down one or two shades. šŸ™‚