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asked June 2nd 2019

Ruffle Rose Cake, ganache and fondant

I'm planning to make the ruffle rose cake from your May tutorial. I'm a little confused about what you coated the cake with, in the tutorial. Paul speaks of coating in ganache, and the ingredients list states dark chocolate ganache, but the cake is covered in white. Can you please clarify? Also, for the ruffle roses, I'm not sure which of the fondants listed, was used for them. Is any fondant fine to use or should I be purchasing something specific?
Thank you!


Hi Michelle Marrapodi

In Lesson 1, the cakes are shown already ganached and iced. The dark ganache in beneath the white Massa Ticino fondant which you see covering the cake. Paul did this preliminary work off-camera so as not to keep repeating previously learned basics in the beginners lessons.

All the ingredients are listed in the ingredients tab by scrolling down below the video.

The product used for making the ruffle roses is 1k vanilla flavoured fondant by Karen Davies. This is what is recommended for use with her moulds, although it's up to you if you prefer using another brand. If you do, it may be useful to liberally dust the mould with corn starch for easy release of the created flower. Another fondant listed is by Squires Kitchen.

Hope this clarifies your query.