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asked June 11th 2021

Semi naked cake

Hi, this is my first wedding cake and it’s a semi naked three tier. It is for my niece so I am attending the service. It is in July so may be hot and I have to set it up before the wedding and get home changed and back for the service. The cake will be out on display all day and I’m worried it may not be fit to eat in the evening.


Hi patzyann

Wedding venues mostly all have air conditioning and therefore cool enough to prevent food spoilage.

However, your concern is understandable. This is the time to raise your concerns and work closely with the venue’s wedding planner. Make sure that the cake will be displayed in a cool location in the room. It should be away from large windows with streaming in sunshine or under strong lighting.

Experienced wedding venues cope with these types of concerns all the time and will come up with a solution for you if the weather does happen to turn particularly hot.

Hope this helps 🙂