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asked July 25th 2020

Semi-naked sponge recipe

Can anyone tell me what vanilla sponge recipe would be best to use for a semi-naked cake. My Victoria sponge is too crumbly, and i know that you’re supposed to use a cake that caramelises around the edge.


Hi Tomandhen123

Mrs Jones’ vanilla sponge recipe would work really well. See her tutorial in the cake section of the Cakeflix baking library.



Thank you, but that's the recipe I use and although its lovely, Its too crumbly and the crumbs show up in the buttercream. When i've looked online for help, it advises to use a cake that caramalises around the edges. I thought that you would have to use a different recipe?


To stop crumbs coming off in the buttercream, freeze the cake slightly first to set the crumbs. You’ll find it much better. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of specially caramelised sides. All cakes caramelise, it’s all part of the baking process. Baking in darker cake tins gives a more caramelised edge which a lot of people cut away.

Hope this helps. 🙂