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asked April 15th 2014

Shelf Life of cake covered in ganache and fondant

Hi, I've trawled the internet to try and find out a little more about this topic and keep seeing conflicting views. I'd love to start using ganache under my fondant covered cakes as everyone raves about it but I have concerns about how long the shelf life of the cake is once covered in a layer of fondant over the ganache. I'm UK based and run a home based cake business. Realistically are we talking 2 days, 5 days unrefridgerated??? Any thoughs or advice would be appreciated. Thanks


Hi finesscakes

Here is one answer http://www.cakeflix.com/questions/shelf-life-storage
There are more if your type in the above search box 'shelf life' and take a look at the ones which are relevant.
To give a blanket answer would be very difficult because shelf life of any food is dependent on the type of conditions it is produced in and the freshness of ingredients. This is just one of the reasons why there is lack of information on this topic. On the whole though your ganache will have a longer shelf life than the cake.


Many thanks for the information madeitwithlove.

That's really kind of you.