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asked January 30th 2018

Shelf life of Mrs Jones vanilla sponge?

Hello, I supply cakes to a local Tearoom and also create celebration cakes myself. I use Paul’s moist chocolate cake for tearoom and celebration cakes which is always a winner. I also use Mrs Jones deep vanilla sponge for both for over a year now and had great results. Today on delivering cake to tearoom I have been told the vanilla had been a bit dry! Now I’m not sure how long this cake had been on the counter under a cake dome. So I just wondered if should be giving the cakes a shorter cake life than four days? Or is there something I can add the the cake to make it last longer? I adapt Mrs Jones to make a lemon sponge too which has lemon rind and juice which never lasts more than four days anyway, so never a problem. Any help would be much appreciated. X


Hi Maria44

I suspect very much that the cake has been hanging around or left open to the air. Still, I guess you can just take the information as feed back. Perhaps, only if you want to, give the customer a small cake as a guesture of goodwill. You know customer so it's up to you to decide whether they are being genuine.
Mrs Jones I believe gives five days shelf life, stored properly. You could brush the layers of the cake with a simiple syrup solution. This will give it an extra day or two. Simple syrup made of equal quantites of sugar and water, boil for a minute, cool and use on cake layer. Let me know if this helps. 🙂


Thank you, I will find out how they are storing the cakes and also how they are left overnight. The simple syrup is a good idea thank you. X