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asked March 1st 2015

Shop window

Slightly strange question but I know MIWL and others will have some wisdom for me.
I have been offered a window in our local children's shoe shop to display a cake during our town food festival week. I work form home, so seems a good way to advertise. It is quite shady, don't think it ever has direct sunlight... Any thoughts or suggestions and tips as to how to go about it. I thought the bottom layers could be dummies with a fruit cake , for shelf life on top which could be raffled off to all the customers. Thanks in advance.


Hi Sue-Wales

The fruit cake will be fine for display in the window. However, I think because it is in a shoe shop, it might be wise if you run this past your local environmental health department. I don't know what the FSA's stand is on displaying food stuffs in non food environment. I expect it will be perfectly alright but because I don't have that definite knowlege I would be inclined to check first. Here's hoping other members with experience in this department can give a more positive comment.


Thank you, stupidly I had not thought of that, I will check , otherwise it can be a dummy.
Any display tips or suggestions , let me know if you think it is completely mad!


I guess if you use a dummy the sky's the limit for ideas. You could do something in the novelty line or something seasonal, especially if it's around Easter time.
http://www.dummiesdirect.co.uk/dummiesdirect/index.html will carve any shape. If you go down that line you will of course have to be able to make what ever it is you are displaying. Direct Dummies know this site very well and will carve you any thing you fancy, even from the tutorials on site. Ask to speak with Keith or Richard and let them know you're a member from Paul Bradford sugarcraft school. If you didn't want to do that, how about making gumpaste models, again with seasonal or novelty themes which can be displayed on dummy cakes. No one is going to be eating gumpaste so the environment department would have no objections.
If it's around Easter time, or even now, as it is close enough, how about this super easy, super eye catching photo tutortial from Paul: http://www.cakeflix.com/blog/easter-bunny-cake-photo-tutorial
It can all be done on a dummy cake. There are lots of simpler ideas on the site which can be done as models sitting on dummy cakes and they won't cost a fortune either. If you wanted to go for a real massive WOW show stopper dummy display you could do the carousel cake!! Shame we don't have like a lending library on site, I would be more than willing to let you borrow the horse mould and the turn table! Think how fab that would look in a window. It just depends on how much time you want to spend on the project. You could also use some portfolio type pictures from your collection dotted around the display as extra dressing. Pictures convey so much about a person's skills. It's great that you've been offered the space, I think using dummies, models and pictures would be a good show case of your business. If you still want to give a cake in the raffel you could have a picture of it to show what the winner would be receiving. I'm sure, as long as it wasn't displayed, it could be held in a box in the shop's staff room and handed over once the raffel was held.
Gosh! I've rambled on, hopefully other members will have more ideas to share. x


Here's another easy but eye catching Easter idea with step by step tutorial:


I did it! Thanks for your hrlp and encouragement, dont know if I can/should put the link here, but will try https://www.facebook.com/CreativeCakeKitchen/photos/pcb.854908307918121/854907847918167/?type=1&theater take it down if not ok


Hi Sue

I'm so pleased for you. I can see how hard you've worked, you really deserve your success. All power to your elbow gal!!
How about sharing your site on Paul's facebook and also on his google community here:

I can't remember whether you're a Pro member. If you are, Paul Doffman has a great tutorial about getting started on facebook which you can see here:
If you're not a Pro member I can't emphasise how fantastic the course is and well worth taking advantage of any sale prices as they occur.
Have you had a chance to look at David's free Pro lessons in blog? They're here:
You can see them on youtube as well just in case you have any issues with the videos playing.

Please do share your site on Paul's facebook and on his community. He'll be chuffed to pieces for you.
Very well done x 🙂 x


Sue, could you let me know whether the free Pro lesson links show up as videos for you or do they just go to my name in the comments. I haven't been able to access the videos, the picture of David doesn't show when I click on the lessons.. I have seen them both on youtube. If the links just go to comments and my name, I'll delete them in my answer above. x