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asked October 1st 2020

softening sugarpaste

i have trouble kneading sugarpaste can i put it briefly in the microwave??


Hi elaine77

Yes you can but with a caution. Donโ€™t put big chunks of icing in the microwave as it will take much longer to warm through. Only warm it on either a defrost setting or medium to low for a few seconds. Over heating icing will make it burn and bubble. It will also break down its consistency from loss of moisture and make it unworkable.

Another way is, to divide the icing into several small pieces and knead each until soft; then combine together. Some people knead icing in their stand mixer with the paddle attachment just enough to make it pliable enough to knead by hand.

Hope suggestions help. I have exactly the same problem so, I can empathise. ๐Ÿ™‚