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asked June 12th 2019

Sprinkle quantity

Hi. I have been asked to do a sprinkle covered cake (have avoided so far!) and I wondered if someone could advise how many sprinkles I would need for an 8 inch round layer by 4 inches high.

Thank you


Hi Blossom

I did one a few years back and seem to remember buying three 80g packs in the supermarket. The cake I did was a standard 3" at that time. I used two packs and had one unopened pack. I guess I must have used 150g with lots of horrible little bits left over. Perhaps go for around 250g for what you need. I expect you'll have some left over which could come in useful for another cake. Cake Decorating company do some lovely sprinkles.

They also have live chat on their site. They'll be able to give you a better guide. 🙂


Thank you so much for your quick response


You are welcome Blossom 🙂