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asked January 27th 2018

Standing dragon cake

I have been asked to make a standing dragon cake obviously with a long tall neck what is the best way to support this neck and head and what should I use, rkc or modelling chocolate? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I don't want the neck and head to fall off before or after delivery? X


Hi Winnie, I use a wooden frame (template available via the link below). Best to use dark choc ganache . Sugarpaste will be fine, but modelling chocolate perhaps a bit more sturdy.

This was one of my very early video so apologises about the quality....https://www.cakeflix.com/online-cake-decorating-courses/the-friendly-dragon-cake


Hi winnie

Paul has several tutorials using stands which may well serve as good platforms for your standing dragon. I've had a quick look and feel that an adaptation of two stands, ie the friendly dragon and the superdog could work.
The friendly dragon stand for the neck and the superdog for the body if the front angle is made less sharp.
I think either modelling paste or modelling chocolate would be the best mediums to use. The head which is very small could be made from rkt. Have a peek at the two tutorials and see what you think.

Friendly Dragon Cake

3D Dog Cake | Superdog

Hope the suggestions help


Hi, Thank you so much for your responses I will certainly check out the link. I knew I would get answers to my problems as usual:) always appreciate your help and tips, thanks

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