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asked September 17th 2018

Strawberry buttercream

What is the best way to flavour buttercream strawberry? I need to cover a cake with it, to then cover with sugar paste. Can I use Nesquick powder?


Thank you


Hi Tomandhen123

There's several ways to make strawberry flavour. It depends how easy you want to make it.

1..... make a reduction from a punnet of strawberries by boiling the fruit down by half or a little less. Sieve the pulp, cool it and use the puree in the buttercream with a quarter of a teaspoon of rose flavouring to lift the strawberry. This will colour the buttercream.

2..... Use Sugar and Crumbs natural strawberry icing sugar instead of unflavoured icing sugar. Sugar and Crumbs icing sugar stays white so you can colour it yourself if desired. It's the easiest way.

3..... Use a good food flavour like from Foodie Flavours or a reputable flavour from the supermarket. Doesn't colour the buttercream.

I've never used Nesquick powder, try it out, it might work. Let me know how it turns out if you do. X πŸ™‚


Freeze dried strawberry powder is fab.


Yes and freeze dried strawberry powder! How could I forget that. Thanks Sue-Wales X πŸ™‚


Madeitwithlove - do you add water to the strawberries when boiling them down, or do you just leave them on their own?


It depends whether they are fresh or frozen. I don’t add water to frozen, add a very small amount to fresh. Frozen raspberries are a much more economical buy and great for this kind of thing.