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asked July 7th 2021

Strawberry jam under marzipan

Can I use strawberry jam rather than apricot to stick marzipan on a fruitcake?


Hi Tomandhen123

I’m old school and was taught to use a apricot jam as it is the same colour as marzipan and, it also compliments the flavours of fruit cake.

If you use strawberry jam, thin it out with water and gently heat it in the microwave preferably until it boils. This is to kill off any microbes in the jam. Sieve it nice and smooth to get rid of any lumpy bits.

Alternatively, you could make a little sugar syrup, cool and use instead. I’ve done that with equal quantities of sugar and water boiled for a couple of minutes and flavoured with a little vanilla or choice of fruit cake flavours.

If using jam, a thin layer is enough to make a sticky surface on which to adhere the marzipan. Let the covered cake sit in its box for two or three days to dry. This will prevent any oils from the Marzipan leaching out into your fondant. To adhere the fondant, you can either brush cooled boiled water or, a little vodka over the marzipan.



Thank you so much for your help! I used sieved marmalade, as had some and boiled it. That should be ok I hope?


Absolutely fine. I was going to suggest marmalade but thought better of it. Hope all goes well.

Take care 🙂xx