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asked March 30th 2016

Suitable shelf for Displaying dummy cakes


I've just recently gotten my "Home Bakery" license and have made some dummy cakes that I plan on displaying in my "Home Office room" where I intend to do consultations with my customers. I've looked everywhere on the internet and have not been able to find ANY shelves that I can use to display my cakes on....Does anyone have any ideas? Please share. I've tried so hard but only shelves I see are not "tall" enough for like a 3 tier wedding cake to display.

I will appreciate any help or pictures if you guys can share. If someone has a good idea of displaying cakes please share!


Hi Sara

Congratulations for getting your home bakery license! There are a few sugggestions on the site for taller cabinets based in the UK. To see them have a look at the following links:


Hope they help.

Edit: one more might be worth looking through: