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asked August 20th 2019

Swag in advance

Hi enquiring if it would be okay to make swags 2 weeks before cake is due and store them to save time


Hi Alicain

Personally, I wouldn't make up the swags quite so much in advance. It is possible, but you would have to carefully place them in zip lock bags to prevent them completely drying out. Even then, there is always a risk of cracking since not all the air in the bag can be expelled without squashing the piece. What would be easier, is to roll out all the pieces in advance. Place them completely flat in ziplock bags, making sure all the air is expelled to prevent drying. This will save time with the rolling and all you need do is make up the swags when you need.

I was just wondering why you need to do them so early. I know you want to save time but making them closer to the time might save you a whole load of hassle. I think two weeks head is slightly too long as the swags do need to remain soft for placement and tweaking purposes.



Okay Thankyou for your advice