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asked February 17th 2014

sweating cakes!

When I ganache my cakes I leave them to firm up in the fridge but when I get them out they have alot of condensation so when I ice my cakes my fondant starts sweating!? I had to leave them in the fridge unless my colour starts to run... what am I doing wrong? Please this would be a great help ??


Hi Naomi_bakes

Allow the cakes to stand at room temperature for a while so the condensation has time to evaporate. I sometimes gently dab the moisture off the ganache with kitchen towel or run a fan near the cake. It's not a good idea to refrigerate iced cakes because the moisture in the fridge will begin to attack the icing making it soft and gooey plus make colours run. The icing will also sweat once brought out to room temperature and should be left to dry out naturally or helped with air from a fan. Invariably icing which has sweated dries out in shiny water marks.


Will the cake keep its shape if i dont refrigerate it, wont the ganache get soft and the icing push it down? I live in Australia and it gets hot and moisture in the air can be horrible. Would really like to master this part.

Thank you


Hi Naomi-bakes

As long as you keep your cake in a cool environment like an air conditioned room or have a fan running the ganache will remain firm and so will the fondant. If you still need to keep the cake in the fridge it would be better protected from the moisture in a thick cardboard cake box with lid. The idea is to keep as much moisture away and from attacking the cake. Keep the cake in the box when out at room temperature until moisture dries before handling. In the vintage wedding cake tutorial Paul used this fondant http://www.carma.ch/en/431 which is especially formulated for hot humid conditions and can be refrigerated.
Have a peek here http://faitmaisonblog.com/2013/05/05/how-to-handle-fondant-in-hot-and-humid-singapore/
it may help.


Thankyou so much!


How can butter icing get dried fast ?


Hi evelynomoaho

If you want to stabilise the butter icing from heat and humidity, substitute half the icing sugar with royal icing sugar or add two or three tablespoons of meringue powder to your normal butter icing.

Please let me know if this helps. 🙂