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asked September 17th 2020

tartan icing to drape

Hi, can anyone tell me how to make tartan icing like a piece of material for a wedding cake? it is a particular tartan i have been asked for. I do have an edible printer but not sure how I would make it like material. thanks


Hi ruthmac

You can make it by printing on wafer paper and then treating it with a product called Flexique. The are loads of tutorials on YouTube, some which give instructions on how to make the solution yourself if you prefer not to buy it. Search on YouTube ‘edible fabric‘ or Flexique’.

Another way is to use preprinted icing sheets. Just google ‘edible tartan’ to see suppliers.

Hope suggestions help. 🙂


Thanks very much MIWL I will try that.


I also meant to say, search in this Q & A page for
‘Tartan design’ to see other answers which you might find useful.

Good luck with project 🙂