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asked September 13th 2019

Temp and cooking time

I am going to make Paul's moist and firm chocolate cake for McMillan coffee morning. I have got the recipe for 7in and 3in deep. Please can you advise cooking temp and time for fan ovens. I am unable to find answer on Website

Thanks Claire


Hi Claire

Keep to the given temperature and bake for approximately 1hr 20 - 1hr 30 or until done. It’s very difficult to give precise timing as all ovens bake differently. Best tip, keep an eye and nose on the baking. Don’t open the oven door before two thirds of the time has elapsed. If you can, don’t open until the first hour. Only you know how your oven behaves . Hope all goes well. 🙂


What are different oven temperature when using a conventional oven to that of using a fan oven
I baked mrs Jones Madeira cake recipe and the cake was really dry Used the tray on top water at the side news paper ect
Put oven to gas 4 for 1 hour 20 min
Were did I go wrong


Hi Vicky 1234

Gas mark 4 translates as 180c conventional oven. A fan oven should be reduced by 20 degrees to160c.

If you have a gas fan oven please consult the manufacturer’s hand book for accurate settings.

An oven thermometer will help to calibrate the oven cavity temperature.

You may need to experiment with temperatures for different recipes until you find a happy medium. Note timings down each time as this will help with future bakes.

To moisten the dry madeira cake, make a simple syrup solution of 50/50 sugar and water, boil for a minute. When cool, brush over each layer. Madeira cake becomes more moist as it ages. It will keep for at least two weeks in an airtight cake tin.

Hope this helps 🙂