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asked September 12th 2019


Sorry about repeat question but couldn't edit original message. Can you tell me temp and length of time for Mrs Jones madeira cake 12" square tin by 4" deep please as it doesn't say in recipe calculater.


Hi Maggie

Mrs Jones' Madeira cake is baked at 150c or 130c fan. A 12" square will take approximately 3 - 3.5 hrs. However, all ovens are different and the onus is on the baker to keep an eye and nose on the baking. The recipe calculator does not calculate the time as timing is an approximation and not a given. Your own oven may bake it sooner or a little longer.

If you return to the recipe video, scroll down and click on comments where you will find many answers from Mrs Jones and from myself. There are more hints, tips and answers in this section. To see related questions, type in the search bar parallel to your username 'Madeira cake'.

Hope this helps.