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asked June 6th 2020

toffee sponge recipe

Hi, I've been reading through the post from 2012 regarding a toffee sponge recipe, which was very long and quite confusing. I've been asked to make a toffee sponge next month and it has to go under fondant. So just wondering, can this flavor of sponge go under fondant. I watched mrs Jones video and she says hers is very soft. So just looking for advice from others who have made this sponge and its been successful under fondant and can you let me know your recipe, or point me in the right direction of a good recipe.
thank youj x


Hi maisy

I know the recipe you refer to from 2012. It's had several good reviews and some not so good. I don't think I see any mention of it being able to take the weight of sugar paste. I also think because it is so heavy in sugar and syrup, it will definitely be too soft. Mrs Jones' recipe is probably more like a sticky toffee pudding, in which case it will not be suitable for covering with sugar paste icing.

I'd be more inclined to use Mrs Jones' Madeira cake recipe using soft light brown sugar. The molasses in the sugar will give it a more toffee taste. I did try the Wright's toffee cake mix and just added a little extra flour to their mixture to strengthen the baked structure. I used it ages ago, I think I probably added an extra 10% of self-raising and broke some toffee pieces into the mixture. I remember covering it and it took the weight fine.

You might also like to give this triple-tested recipe a trial:

I would suggest making trial cakes if you'd like to try any of the above suggestions. 🙂