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asked April 22nd 2020

Topiary Rose Flowerpot

I have questions regarding making the Rose toppers for the Topiary Rose Flowerpot cake.

- After I cover the sphere with the sugar paste and starts to put the roses made from sugar paste as well, the roses will start pulling the sugar paste from the sphere that the sugar paste rips from the sphere. I do put shortening on the sphere prior to to covering it.

1 . Any reason for this?

2. Does anybody know how many inches each rose on the sphere is? Mine seems tall after I put on the sphere.

I’m thinking maybe the problems are the following:
1. My roses are too heavy. I do make them one and half cm in diameter and two and half in size (just like Paul’s).

2. I’m from Texas and it’s really hot and humid here right now.

I have tried 3 times doing this whole process but no luck and I don’t to give up.

Any suggestions will help.

Thank you in advance.



Hi Alexis

Sometimes when using Crisco, the paste doesn't stick down and dry completely on the polystyrene. This may be happening at the moment because of the humidity you are experiencing. You might need to allow a few extra days of drying, to prevent the weight of the roses pulling the paste off the sphere. Be aware though, that the paste will dry out so you will need a strong adhesive to stick down the roses. Something like royal icing, ganache or melted candy melts will work very well. Or, instead of using Crisco, perhaps use an edible glue or a little water to stick down the paste.

I don't know precisely how large each of Paul's roses is. I would think a full rose is approximately an inch and a half maybe two inches. However, if you feel your roses are too large, how about making them with fewer petals so they're not quite so big? Alternatively, you could make wafer paper roses to reduce the weight further.

Hope suggestions help, let me know how you get on. Good luck and keep safe. 🙂