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asked March 6th 2018

Train model cake topper

Hi Paul and David.
I have three questions and I would really appreciate it if you could help me.
1- How far in advance can I make the train with RKT ganached with dark chocolate and covered with fondant? I'm worried if the ganache go off If I make it ten days before the cake delivery?
2-Would you use dark chocolate ganache under white fondant?
3- I have to make an Altimeter which looks like a watch. How can I make a clear gel or something to make it look like a sheet of glass on the screen?
I hope you can help me!
Thank you


Hi Sanaz

1 . Ten days ahead is too long to make the train topper even if it is kept in the fridge. The rice kripie treats will not go off but the ganache may be risky.
It would be better to make it up about three days ahead and store it in a cake box in a cool room.

2. Dark chocolate is fine under white fondant. However, if you feel it will make a shadow, give the dark ganache one coating of white ganache before icing .

3. To make glass you could use isomalt or clear boiled sweet. Melt down a small amount and pour a little on a non stick mat. Before it has set completely, use an oiled round cutter and cut out the shape. Let it set before touching. Alternatively you could use gelatine. There are several tutorials on youtube. Google search for sugar or gelatine glass to see tutorials.

4. The easiest way would be to use confectioners glaze if you don't have dietry or religions constrictions.
.... more info here: https://www.cakeflix.com/questions/confectionary-glaze

Hope suggestions help. 🙂

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