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asked May 13th 2012

Tutorials in DVD Format

Way back, on the old site, it was stated that the provision of a DVD version of the tutorials was planned.  Not everyone has Internet access from their kitchen and the ability to have the tutorial on a DVD player or iPad would be ideal.  Does anyone know if progress on this has been made or if there is another way for "members" to record tutorials please?


As far as I know tutorials cannot be recorded. I made this enquiry when I first joined the site. Tutorials can be viewed in full as long you continue to pay your monthly subscription or however else you pay. If you no longer make payments access to the tutorial library ceases, the tutorials are not downloadable. I've recently seen on Q&A that the DVD option is no longer available


Could we have the official line on this one please? Will we be able to download tutorial as a file in the future as promised some time back (when I took out my annual subscription!)?


The previous site had an option to download files for individual designs for a one off payment. This was seprate to the memberships where you can watch all the videos at any time.

We couldn't offer members the facility to download all files as it would be open to someone signing up for £9.95 then downloading hundreds of files.

At the International Cake Show we produced DVDs for 4 separate cake designs which was run as a trial to see how we got on. We will soon consider whether this is something we should add to the site and whether we hold the stock or assign to a third party publisher. Will keep you updated through Facebook and the Newsletter.

Hope this helps clarify things.


Downloads had been problematic, but haven't totally discounted there inclusion in the future.