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asked October 2nd 2015

Type of cake that be cover by fondant

Hi , what other type of cake beside my favorite Paul moist chocolate cake can be cover by fondant. That can be use for carving and has a long shelf life. Any good cake recipe?


Hello bibi

Any firm cake is suitable for covering with fondant. Madeira is firm and has a good shelf life of two weeks from baking to eating as long as it is stored in an airtight container. My favourite firm cake recipe is Jane Hornby's zingy lemon as seen here:
For an alternative chocolate cake with long shelf life you could also try he following: http://www.cakeflix.com/how-to-make-chocolate-mud-cake/
If you would like to bake ahead, cakes can be frozen up to three months as long as they are wrapped up well to protect from freezer burn and from smells of other foods. To see site information on freezing cakes, type in the search box
'freezing cake' and choose on relevant topics. Once cake is defrosted it can not be refrozen. For best shelf life, freeze cakes when completely cool on the day of baking.

Some members have posted recipes in Q & A which you can see here:
Please note that there are 4 pages of comments for toffee cake which can be accessed by scrolling back up the page below the question.

Other recipes are in the baking section by guest tutor Mrs Jones. These can be made firmer by increasing just the flour in each recipe by 20 - 25%. All the other ingredients must remain the same. See Mrs Jones' recipes here:

Hope the above iformation helps.


Thank you very much Madeitwithlove


You are welcome Bibi! x


"Once cake is defrosted it can not be refrozen"
May i know why ?


The same rules of defrosting applies to cakes as any other food. Once food is defrosted bacteria begins to grow inside of it. Refreezing it will not kill the bacteria so when it's defrosted again it's shelf life is very much compromised. I know some people do re freeze cakes, that's up to them. I base my practices on advice taken from the local environmental health department in my town.