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asked July 5th 2019

Using glaze

Hi, I have made a stiletto shoe and want to glaze it. I have bought a bottle of confectioner’s glaze, am I able to use this in my airbrush or will it ruin it?

Thanks in advance for any replies



Hi Clan

Personally, no I wouldn’t put it through the airbrush. Confectioners glaze is very sticky which can damage the airbrush. However, there are products available which can thin and clean glaze. Have a look on the Cake Stuff site for it. I don’t know how to copy and paste on my phone so I can’t give you a link. My opinion would be to use a brush. Leave one coat to dry and apply another. You can keep applying coats until you get the desired effect. Protect all your surfaces before using the glaze. It’s a devil to clean off. Good luck. 🙂

Ps. See how Paul brushes it on in the black sandle tutorial. X