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asked July 14th 2018

Viewing Problem


I'm having trouble trying to the David Austen Rose video, it keeps cutting out. I had trouble trying to access videos some while ago too so I don't know if it's something at my end or what. Any help would be great thanks.



Hi bellescakes

I've just had a look at all the lessons in that tutorial and they all appear to be working without the problem which you are experiencing. The last time you had a similar problem, Ken at the tech team suggested it may be something to do at your end. Here is the answer he gave you last time:

Video Hitch

I'm sure if you contact the link in his answer, your problem can be quickly remedied. xx


HI madeitwithlove
Thanks yes I'll contact him and try to get this sorted. xx


It would be good to get to the bottom of the glitches. I hope Ken can sort it out for you quickly. xx

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