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asked April 13th 2019

Vintage Teddy

1-I assume that Paul is starting with a 10 inch square cake to make the Teddy, but how deep is the cake before he starts to slice it or/ how thick is each layer once sliced?
2- Do you think that a smaller Teddy would work as well? We don't need so many servings.
3- If not a smaller cake then what is your view on making either part of the body or the head out of styrafoam?
Thanks for your help.


Hi franke

Paul starts with a 10” square cake 3” deep. If you cut it in half and fill, it will give a little more height. There is plenty of cake to make the structure. I made the original teddy cake when it was first published from 10 x 8 cake and also from 8” square. I kept the head as cake which was dowelled to keep it secure. The arms and legs were from rice krispy treats covered roughly and piped with fudge icing. I hope this helps. ?


Helps a lot πŸ™‚ Thank you so much ... as always.
I've been in love with both Teddies forever and now a new grandson due any day may give me the excuse that I need to make it πŸ™‚

One more question:
Do you think that Teddy would be secure enough (or not) if I did the piping on top of the ganache without the sugarpaste, and using the sugarpaste only for the "accessories"?


As long as you ganache it really well, especially around the limb joints, it should be fine. I skewered the joints to keep them in place. I also used a freeze spray but it’s not necessary.

You must be so excited to be welcoming a new Grandbaby. Oh how I envy you ?. CONGRATULATIONS ????