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asked January 16th 2018

voile lace effect

I am doing a replica of a wedding dress, the top of which is similar to a voile and the skirt has lace over lay. The skirt is fine, as I can do this with a lace mat, but does anyone have any idea how to achieve a see through voile effect for the top part. I have tried to see if ready made lace paste will work if spread onto the back of a lace mat, but it either becomes too brittle or not transparent enough. I have looked for mats that have a ultra fine mesh pattern, but cant find a suitable.
I am left scratching my head, so any ideas would be welcome


Hi Jackie

I think it would be quite difficult to achieve with cake lace because it isn't clear. There may be a way of doing it with gelatine but I can't give you the ratios, it may be a case of experimenting to get it thick enough to spread but dry flexible like fabric.
I've has a degree of success with using Chinese spring roll wraps. They are clear and become flexible on contact with mositure. All you do is just run some hot tap water over the wrap to flex it suffciently enough to give it the form required. It does dry and can be coloured or dusted with pearlecent powders.
Here's how they look: https://www.chinasichuanfood.com/easy-spring-roll-wrappers/
.... and can be purchased in special foods aisle in supermarkets or from Asian food stores.
Failing this, the only thing which I can recommend is one of more delicate cake lace mats like the Clare Bowan Victoriana (I think!) I'll have to experiment with something else, how soon do you need this for?


Had another idea Jackie. How about using Flexique on wafer paper to make it like fabric.? The wafer paper is quite translucent so it will let light through. Flexique is available at the cake Decorating company and there is an accompanying video tutorial on how to use the product. Lots of tutorials on youtube too by the makers.

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