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asked March 17th 2020

Wedding reception cancelled

A close friend has just taken the awful decision to cancel their wedding reception in light of the current Coronavirus situation. I have her wedding cake here. It’s four tiers covered in marzipan and sugarpaste. There is not likely to be a celebration until next year and I’m not sure how (or if it’s possible) to store the cake until then. It’s a good rich fruit cake, well fed with brandy.
Any suggestions gratefully received.


Hi Templereed

I'm so sorry to hear this, everyone, including yourself, must be so disappointed.

Good news is, fruit cake can be frozen from 6 months to a year if properly wrapped. Generally, fruit cake will keep wrapped for years if intermittently fed with alcohol and stored in an airtight container. For health and safety reason, today we need to follow some guidelines.

There is loads of online information. However, my best advice would be to remove the marzipan and icing first as this will deteriorate, then wrap the cakes up in several layers of cling film ie approx 20. This will help make a heavy gauge covering and prevent freezer burn. Wrap again with foil and place in heavy-duty freezer bags. Remove as much air out of the bags as possible before sealing. Freeze the cakes for 48 hours and then store, still wrapped, in heavy-duty boxes and return to freezer. If you have a vacuum packer, that would be better still. They're not expensive and worth the money for preserving in long term freezing. Lakeland has them or try somewhere like Nesbits restaurant suppliers.

Take a peek here for another opinion:

Hope this helps but please do look at other information sites by googling 'how to freeze fruit cake long term'

Wishing you the best in these turbulent times. Be safe 🙂


Thank you so much madeitwithlove. Some great advice there and I can be ready when I know what they want to do.


i Hope it all works out for you and your friend.

Keep safe and look after yourself. 🙂