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asked October 11th 2020

when to freeze white choc ganache

when is it best to freeze white choc ganache? once it has emulsified or when its set up? also when i thaw it out and bring to workeable consistency.. can i add the lemon juice and vanilla then??


Hi elaine77

Ganache can be frozen as soon as it has cooled on emulsification. If you have a large quantity, its best to divide it into smaller portions and pour into ziplock freezer bags, making sure to expel all the air out of the bag before freezing. Remember to date each bag. For extra protection from freezer burn, place all the bags in one large strong freezer bag and store in an airtight container, then freeze.

To defrost, remove bags from freezer and bring to room temperature on the kitchen counter. Ensure flavourings are at an almost similar temperature before adding to the ganache. Sometimes, when liquids such as lemon juice is added, the ganache can split or seize. If this happens, add two or three tablespoons of tepid milk or cream to the mix and gently blend together until emulsified. If possible use vanilla bean paste for a richer flavour.

Hope this helps. 🙂


Thank you